Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What the lump!?

Since I had became an "artist" at conventions, I had been wanting to sell my stuff online. I had became pretty serious about giving etsy a try. For those that don't know what etsy.com is about, they are community specifically for selling handcrafted and vintage items. I thought it would be a good place to start. I had tried other domains and websites, such as other blogs, forums, etc., but they were never really a big hit when it came to selling my crafts.

I have only been selling on etsy since June of 2010. I had originally started to sell some fleece hats on there that were based on flags of countries based around popular Hetalia characters. They did not sell as well as well as I thought they were. Which had led into a bit of a disappointment. I had tried my hands then at some other basic character fleece hats. Sales were kind of slim pickings then. After a few months past of disappointment of etsy sale's, I had gave it a break and focused on only cosplay commissions for the time being.

I never knew how hard it was to find that one or two items that would make it in the world online and offline (i.e. at conventions). I had tried a few more times with character fleece hats and such, but nothing really worked. Back at Youmacon 2011, I roomed with some friends who were OBSESSED with Adventure Time. I had been told beforehand that I should invest some time and money into making Finn the Human hats. I never really thought about it then since I did not know the series. After being introduced to it at Youmacon, my friends were right. This series is HUGE. During the same convention, one of my friends had suggested and been hinting at me to make him a Finn the Human backpack since 90% of them online are inaccurate and nonfunctional.

I decided for Christmas, I would give it a shot to see what his reaction was to the backpack. I gave him one for Christmas. And he was more then over joyed! I never seen someone so happy to receive such a thing. It made me happy. Ever since then, November 2011, I had been making these bloody Adventure Time hats and backpacks. I had far extended it now to other characters such as Jake, Fiona and Cake hats. It seems like some weeks, I over exhaust my self with making these things, but I enjoy it greatly.

I still can not believe it that these backpacks and hats are the cause of my etsy success!

Finn the Human Cosplay Set made by me.

I am very thankful for everyone who has purchased one. Now, to only fulfill more orders. I do hope to come up with some new merchandise this year that will be non-Adventure Time related that will sell just as well.

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